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PMA is in the process of introducing the new leasing model to the acquirers in Malaysia.


During the leadership of Tay Beng Lock as the Group Managing Director of a listed payment company in Bursa Mainboard from 1999 to 2011, he had the following achievements in the payment industry.

  • Started the first ISO/MSP service in Malaysia (maybe in Asia?) in partnership with the 3rd largest local bank in 1999. Managed to recruit and installed 10,000 terminals within 18 months of operations.
  • Subsequent partnerships with three other local banks as the ISO/MSP, with relationship of two local banks still going strong up to 2011. Consistently maintaining the leadership position as the largest and most professional ISO/MSP companies in Malaysia, with good track record in all banks.
  • Started terminal rental service at RM45/unit/month to one leading foreign bank in 2000, with the industry subsequently followed until today.
  • Set the new benchmark for servicing terminals in the payment industry by offering the first 24×7 service with 4 hours response time to swap faulty terminals from merchants’ outlets nationwide in 1999.
  • Leadership position in EMV terminal migration, completed migration for 1st acquirer in 2002, and subsequent completion of 10 other acquirers’ migration on time before the 2003 dateline set by BNM, involving more than 30,000 terminals. Rented and deployed close to 3,000 units of portable WIFI EMV terminals to Shell and BHP for about 22 months.
  • Introduced the concept of Terminal Line Encryption (TLE) in 2003 to the industry, and successfully installed the most number of TLE sites for the acquirers in the industry in Malaysia by 2005 dateline set by BNM.
  • Successfully implemented innovative card and payment solutions such as: Loyalty Program in BHP, Diesel Subsidy Program in BHP and Shell, Payment Gateways in AirAsia and FireFly, LAN NAC using GPRS instead of leased line to save cost in acquiring large multi-lane merchants, and many other successful solutions and implementations.